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High Tech Solutions

We create high tech solutions with Phyton, TensorFlow, Matlab, Java and others.

Growth of Business

Our customers in all the world trust AInnova Tech to accelerate the growth of their business with AI

Increase Effieciency

Enterprise companies are turning to AInnova Tech AI technology to increase efficiency in the workplace and return a measurable impact on their business

Digital Transformation Projects

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Big Data


Our Mission

Our customers are the reason that we are growing as a business and have inevitably become treasured partners in our journey. Our mission is to provide outstanding performance and customer experience with real solutions to create more profitable and innovative companies

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Our Team

Vinicio Vargas

Founder & CEO

Rodrigo Herrera

Chief Technology Officer

Maryum Akhter

Software Development Manager

Tanzeel Khan

Chief Data Officer

Bilal Irfan

Machine Learning/Deep Learning Manager

Fawad Ahsan

Software Quality Supervisor

Our Latest Innovation


What is BrainTD?

BrainTD is an Innovative AI solution for Brain tumors detection using image processing. Detect brain tumor automatically, segment and display detected area and labeled with classified tumor name.
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What Makes us Different

Our Values

We believe in the Future

We believe in AI and innovation, a meeting of the ways between science and technology produces new products and new solutions that can improve the quality of life.

The Smart Choice

Less costs, more profits and most innovation. Our High tech company delivering AI software, machine learning applications and mobile apps.

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We would love to hear from you and help you take your business to the next level.

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